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COVID-19 Update (New York)

Workers’ Compensation, Paid Family Leave and Short-Term Disability

The priority of any organization is to make every attempt to reduce the possibility of an infection.  The hazard today is different than what we usually face, but the concepts on how to handle a hazard haven’t changed.  Remove first, reduce second.  We can get through this.

Like you, we are trying our best to handle the fast-changing demands of this COVID-19 situation.  Many of us are working from home with the idea that we must do everything we can to stay operational for our clients, while keeping our staff safe.  We thank you for your patience.

Below, please find links and information we offer to help you navigate this fast-changing situation.


NYS Emergency Paid Sick Leave
Essential Businesses
NY Business Council
Notice Pursuant to Amended N.Y.C.R.R. 229.5
Safety Talk Daily Agenda RE: COVID-19
NYS Executive Order RE: Masks

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