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W. J. Cox Associates, Inc.
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Clarence, NY 14031-2093
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OSHA Standard Sample of Written Policy Example Forms Brochure Available Training
Lockout/Tagout 3 X X X X X M, W, O
Hazard Communication 2 X X X X X M, W, O
Bloodborne Pathogens 1 X X X X X M, W, O
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) 4 X     X X M, O
Proactive Accident Investigation (PAI) 4 X   X X   M, O
Forklift 4 X X X     M
Log/Truck Driver 6 X         O
Hearing Conservation 1 X X     X M, W, O
Game of Logging
Levels 1-4
8/level X X       W
Sawmill Chainsaw
Safety Program
2 X         M
Guarding     X     X M, W, O
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2 X X   X X M, W, O
Confined Space 1 X X   X X M
Fire Prevention     X   X X M, W, O

* Training Locations: M=Mill, W=Woods, O=Off Site

Other Information is Available:  
  • Sawmills
  • Logging
  • Mechanical Equipment Safety
  • Knuckleboom Loader Safety
  • How to Choose a Good Logger
  • Skidder Safety