New York Lumbermen's Insurance Trust Fund
Workers' Compensation and Disability Benefits
Claims Department

The Workers' Compensation and Disability Benefits Claims Department services include:

Medical and vocational case management
Telephonic case management is utilized on any potential lost time claim and on all actual lost time cases where disability is expected to exceed the waiting period. Full service medical and vocational case management is also utilized which includes person to person meetings with the injured worker, physician, and employer. RN's perform all case management services.

In-house bill utilization and payment
All of the claim examiners are educated on the New York State Fee Schedule and computer software is used for determining correct fees, as well as hospitalization costs.

Review and adjust first aid bills for members
Unlike insurance carriers, we will review and adjust the bills on first aid claims to the New York State Fee Schedule resulting in cost savings to the member. In addition, these are kept on file for recordkeeping and to provide loss information to the member. This generates an average saving per year of 25% of the billed costs.

Loss runs by division and/or location
These are available to the members to assist in locating problem areas as well as providing information as to the cause, body part and nature of injuries.

Personal meetings with claim examiners
Every examiner visits at least four members per year to meet the members and tour their business. This provides a better understanding of the operations and job functions.

Books, pamphlets, and instructional manuals
Get-well cards, back books, and question and answer pamphlets are sent to the injured worker within 24 hours of creation of the case file. A workers' compensation and disability benefits manual is sent to all members. Legislative updates are sent to all members, in addition to assisting with letter writing to representatives of the legislative body. Informal workers' compensation sessions are provided at the NYLITF Annual Meeting covering various topics of interest.

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