NYLITF is a group self-insurance program established in 1981 to provide statutory workers’ compensation coverage and benefits to qualifying employers of the forest products industry in New York State.  The group functions very similarly to a mutual insurance company.  Employers include sawmills, loggers, furniture and pallet manufacturers, retail lumber yards and other wood related businesses.


  • Focus on Loss Prevention to Reduce Number of New Losses
  • Focus on Claims Administration to Effectively Manage Outstanding Claims to Pay Benefits per the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law
  • Add New Members of High Quality to Maintain Critical Mass of the Group
  • Remain Vigilant on General Expenses
  • Provide Excellent Service Second to None
  • Provide Unparalleled Safety Training
  • Build and Maintain Trust Fund to Financially Secure Position

W. J. Cox Associates, Inc. serves as Administrator of the Plan and provides the participating employers with loss prevention service, claim management, underwriting and accounting.